Gorn Morgrym Stahlschulter

Retired from the Life Guard of Die Eisentür, now a wandering warrior.


Gorn has an affable – if somewhat guarded – manner, average intelligence, and an above-average will for survival. An exceptional fighter with keen focus in battle, his loyalty is to his family first always – and then to his traveling crew of the moment. The fifth of 11 children, enough siblings remain working the family mine to give liberty to those who, like himself, would seek fortune for the family reputation and coffers outside clan lands.

He enjoyed a solid career with the Life Guard of Die Eisentür, from which he is now retired. A recent chance encounter with an old friend led to introductions to members of Sir Fitzgerald’s party, a sampling of beverages at the local tavern, and a long night discussing the possibilities of exploration in and around the newfounded colony of Erainn – all of which convinced Gorn to throw in his lot with the retinue of Fitzgerald.

Don’t ask him about the scars. There was a dragon and a bear, and what seemed like a good idea at the time – but really, don’t ask.

Gorn Morgrym Stahlschulter

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