Nathaniel Good

Quartermaster of the Catellina.


Nathaniel is an intense man with a quiet voice and a piercing gaze. Under his care, the organization, preparation and recording of the ship’s supplies and stores occur with the utmost efficiency. Nathaniel is an exacting officer, known for clouting sailors who are not moving fast enough in their work. Nathaniel is infamous for prowling the Catellina at all hours, shirtless in all weather, muttering to himself in a strange tongue. He smokes a long pipe that is always on his person. Nathaniel has a large, round, puckered scar just over his navel, and one that is almost identical on his right calf. The Quartermaster rarely speaks to anyone but his mate and the other officers, unless it is to reprimand a crew member. Several times each year, Nathaniel will lock himself in his cabin below decks and drink himself into a near stupor. During these binges, the Quartermaster can be heard screaming well into the night. These episodes never interfere with Nathaniel’s work.


Nathaniel Good

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