Sa'ai'ta Falkieres Fay'itan

Princess of House Falkieres


Sa’ai’ta is the younger sister of Prince Fis Falkieres Fay’itan of the Atalan. The party encountered her in the dungeons beneath Castle Kalarak, in vile bondage to a Mind Flayer connected to the Bar Nessa. Sa’ai’ta is tiny for a full-grown Atalan woman, with the raven hair of her family. Her features are somewhat softer than the norm for Falkieres nobles, perhaps due to the influence of another noble line. The Princess was reluctant to speak with the party, and displayed the full measure of prejudices held by the Atalan for other races. The party rescued Princess Sa’ai’ta from Castle Kalarak and transported her to the northwest shore of the Upper Reach at her request.


Sa'ai'ta Falkieres Fay'itan

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