Old Ones

This is the name that the Tribes of the Blood use to refer to their elven ancestors, who refer to themselves as the “Atalan,” meaning “the awakened.” Abandoned elven towers are scattered about the lands and, thanks to the discovery of a great tower and burial site by the retinue of Sir Diarmait FitzGerald, it is surmised that there were once three great noble houses in the area and nine lesser houses. This information was confirmed by Sa’ai’ta, a female elf belonging to House Falkieres (Kraken), who was rescused from the Illithid’s experimentation chamber. Sa’ai’ta is sister to Fis, the Captain of the Shade. Through conversations with Sa’ai’ta and with Neys’a of House Minan, the party has heard the term “Fay’itan” attached to the names of Sa’ai’ta, Neys’a, and Fis. According to Berengar, the closest literal translation of this term is “of the most high”.

The names, symbols, and locations of the great houses are: fellheart.jpg
- Tanimar: Dragon/Daisy
- Falkieres: Kraken/Nasturtium
- Saene: Wasp/Sweet Pea

The names, symbols, and locations of the lesser houses are:
- Sheltan: Butterfly/Rose
- Naenaen: Dragonfly/Chrysanthemum
- Uler: Eagle/Mar-i-tay
- Wisteri: Fish/Strawberry
- Baekieri: Griffon/Blackberry (tower located in Eriak lands on the Sauk River)
- Fintieri: Horse/Foxglove
- Minan: Lion/Lily (tower located at the mouth of the Gé River)
- Sori: Mammoth/Borage
- Kalarak: Wolf/Trillium (castle located on Érainn island in the Gé River)

Image: Fis Falkieres Fay’itan on the deck of the Catellina.

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Old Ones

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