Fis Falkieres Fay'itan

Prince of House Falkieres


Fis Falkieres Fay’itan is the Prince and heir of House Falkieres. He has become known as an extremely active Atalan noble, ranging and raiding with his crew on the warship Shade along the entire eastern coastline and deep into the navigable rivers. The party has encountered the Prince during a raid on the Catellina. During this incident, members of the party observed that Prince Fis was a gifted swordsman, as he blasted through the guard of Sir Diarmait Fitzgerald with no apparent effort; severely wounding the Teutonic Knight. The Prince then dueled three other knights, including Sir Robert FitzHenry, without being wounded or giving ground. Prince Fis wears ancient plate armor of sublime quality and wields a magical, curved blade that glows with an eerie, pink light. This blade seems to penetrate any armor with ease. The Prince’s helm is a bronze Kraken, the emblem of his great House.


Fis Falkieres Fay'itan

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