Indirion An'quall

Ranger for the Colony of Érainn.


Indirion is a skilled ranger who signed on to the colony effort quite early. His older brother was a companion of Sir Diarmait who died on campaign in Lithuania. Indirion, who was very young when his brother died, was already a renowned hunter and scout, and pledged himself to Diarmait’s service. Since arriving in the colony, Indirion has ranged farther than any other person in Érainn, and has become a de facto expert on the Tribes of the Blood. As time passes, Indirion has adopted some of the local styles, and his band of scouts have followed his lead. Indirion and his band have a semi-permanent camp on the northwest shore of Érainn’s island, where they drink and rest between expeditions into the wilderness. The court of Érainn values Indirion’s work, even if his “rough person” is not the most welcome sight in the great hall of Érainn’s castle. Indirion is always accompanied by a great coursing hound, which he calls Garn.


Indirion An'quall

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