Neys'a Minan Fay'itan

Princess of House Minan


Neys’a is a Princess of the Atalan, hailing from the House of the Lion and Lily—Minan. The party encountered her during their efforts to bypass the island tower at the mouth of the River Gé, as a bound prisoner of the Bar Nessa. Neys’a revealed the Silent Plague to the party—that mysterious disease which seems to afflict only those with elven blood in their veins. The Plague renders its victims unable to procreate. The Atalan and the Blood hold that the source of this disease is on the island of Èrainn, but the party has not discovered that source. Neys’a refused to accompany the party to the island, and promised that she would wait word of the party’s efforts in the high moor on the eastern shore of Èrainn’s lake. Neys’a is a tall Atalan woman, somewhat spare in her build, with the straw-colored hair of House Minan. She wears ancient plate armor of exquisite workmanship; an heirloom of her House, which apparently may not be removed from her body by force. She is slightly less haughty than some of her Atalan peers that have also been encountered by the party.


Neys'a Minan Fay'itan

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